Santiago- Borago

Borago is definitely worth the trip when in Santiago. Everything we tasted was unique to Chile and its landscapes, including the wines. Borago is known for not only the quality of ingredients but the length at which they will go to forage them. Many things on the menu we had never even heard of. The chef and owner Rodolfo Guzman takes great pride in his country's biodiversity and native culinary traditions. After working for years in Spain under Chef Andoni Luis Adruiz of michelin starred Mugaritz in San Sebastian, Guzman returned to his home to open Borago in 2006. Last year Borago was rated the number 2 restaurant in all of Latin America. 

Upon arrival I was a little underwhelmed with the stark interior and the silent dining room. We chose the 16 course "endemica" menu with wine pairings. We had rainwater from Patagonia, cuttlefish, seaweed and conger from the Pacific, black beans disguised as rocks, deer crudo, mushroom ice cream, a pirouette cookie called cuchuflis dusted with roses that only bloom in the desert- and that's just to name a few things. Each course that came out had such unique flavors and story behind the ingredients. We became so enamored with the plating and the history of the food that we soon forgot about the lack of ambience. The focus was TRULY on the food and for good reason. If you want to experience the purity of Chilean foods, go to Borago. You won't be disappointed.