This new oyster bar is part of the Ace but is actually down the block from the hotel. It was opened by the award-winning team behind Grand Banks in NYC. The building is a historic 3-story cottage from 1832, I'm fairly certain it's haunted. The ambiance is lively and festive without being overly loud and the decor is well thought out and obviously designed by a Brooklyn based design firm. It feels like you are in a classic New Orleans building that has been overhauled by New Yorker's... in a good way. I think they did a good job of preserving the NOLA feel. 

I usually have low expectations for new restaurants, in fact I often avoid them for the first 6 months so they can work out the kinks. Let me tell you, this place needs no grace period. EVERYTHING was perfection during our meal. It doesn't hurt to know a few people (wink, wink) but even then sometimes that won't make up for a poorly run operation. This is clearly a tightly run ship, no pun intended, because the food was beautifully presented and even better tasting and the service was awesome! We had a selection of oysters from the gulf, east coast and west coast, all of which tasted fresh, clean and briny. The Murder Point oysters were the table favorite. After oysters we had an array of small plates including an incredible gulf fish ceviche and the show stopper peel-and-eat shrimp served with a limy leche de pantera vinaigrette. We also enjoyed pork belly and some little neck clams which were in an absinthe broth with kurobuta bacon. Desserts could use some elevation but I really don't think you can outshine the fantastic fresh seafood menu. 

They are definitely going to give Peche a run for their money with how perfectly executed this menu is. I can't wait to go back! Oh, and ask for a tour of the building, there is a great private dining room on the third floor and a beautiful courtyard in the back.