My name is Nicole and I am a born and bred New Orleanian who has been traveling since I was a kid. In my adult life I’ve made an EXTREME hobby of travel, some might even say it takes precedent over owning my business. I grew up in a household where travel was valued above almost anything else. 

As a young child I spent months at a time backpacking with my parents. We went trekking throughout India, spent weeks sunbathing on Greek islands, explored the pyramids of Egypt, visited Mayan ruins in Mexico, and ate way too much cheese in France. It’s like my parents were on a mission to give me the most access to culture and diversity as possible.

You may be thinking “well if you are from New Orleans, don’t you have already have an abundance of culture and diversity at your doorstep?” and the answer is yes. But travel was a way for my family to elevate all of that. I do feel fortunate to live in what is truly one of the most influential cities in the world and by far the most unique in the States, but that isn’t enough for me. I long to be around people unlike myself. I like the struggle to make conversation with my limited foreign language skills and hilarious miming abilities. I love the excitement of being thrusted into a new, complicated, and mysterious place. 

I realized a few years ago that not only did I thrive off of my experiences but I wanted others too as well. I hope to inspire people to seek out unique experiences through travel as I have. Hopefully my knowledge will help you plan your next adventure!

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